Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice

Ever wondered what the shambling undead are thinking? A few rolls of the dice in this game for two or more players will give you a pretty good idea. Gather brains by chasing survivors and avoiding shotgun blasts, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of your fellow zombies.

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Zombie Dice Steve Jackson Games Steve Jackson Dice GameĀ 

In The Box

It’s a neat twist that the box is part of the play experience, serving as a Yahtzee-style shaker for your dice. The base set includes 13 dice and instructions. If you’re playing with younger kids it can help to keep a scorecard around, although each player only needs to be able to count to 13. Although the illustration on the box might lead you to believe there’s gory content, the actual dice are just decorated with tame symbols showing brains, feet, and a shotgun blast.

How It Plays

Zombie Dice is an exercise in risk and probability, since the balance between brains (reward) and shotgun blasts (risk) is different for each die. You start each turn by drawing three dice from the container, then rolling and scoring. Any brains rolled are worth a point each and set aside. Shotgun blasts are also set aside, and racking up three means you lose brains you’ve gathered and end your turn. Dice showing feet (representing fleeing humans) can be rolled again, and are color-coded green, red, and yellow to show you the likelihood of getting blasted. The first player to successfully eat 13 brains is the winner.

Matt Says:

Zombie Dice is a great warm-up game for adults, and fun for kids who can quickly grasp the color coding as a measure of risk.

Griff Says:

A lot of it is based on luck but there is strategy because you have to choose whether you want to keep rolling or not.

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