Torches & Pitchforks

Torches & Pitchforks

If your taste in entertainment leans toward old creature features, you’ll appreciate the vibe here. Form a mob and fight off angry monsters to keep your town safe, all the while making sure your opponents don’t outpace you and grab the glory. A card game for up to five players.

Title Publisher Genre
Torches & Pitchforks Green Ronin Publishing Card Game

In The Box

There are two large decks of cards here, one representing the mob and the other monsters. There’s also a deck for townsfolk, and a custom die. The cards are decent quality, in black and white that we suspect mirrors the classic style of the movies that served as inspiration for the game’s setting. The art style is cute and cartoony from the beasts to the townies that make up your mob. Item and event cards feature some of the most creative art and flavor text in the game, which keeps things light during play.

How It Plays

Torches & Pitchforks shares a bit of DNA with Munchkin, as your focus in both games is beating monsters to score more points, and preventing your opponents from doing the same. Each turn involves drawing from the Monster deck, attempting to defeat whatever comes at you with the combined power of your mob, then adding cards to make your mob stronger by equipping items. Along the way you’ll play special cards from your hand to influence combat, many times to the disadvantage of your opponents.

Matt Says:

Like any game where you can stick it to other players, having more people around the table is more fun. You get attached to your mob, especially some of the zanier items and abilities they can equip.

Griff Says:

The monsters are funny and I really like the names for the townsfolk. Some weapons can backfire on you, and I like that I can help monsters the other player is fighting.