Tiki Mountain

Tiki Mountain

Tiki Mountain lets up to six players experience a race to the top of a spewing volcano, where only one person can appease the Angry Volcano God. A frantic and fast lark that will appeal to families with kids who’ve aged out of Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders, or older gamers that like to throw their friends into mud pits.

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Tiki Mountain Slugfest Games Board Game

In The Box

You’ll find a thick, sturdy board inside the box, and an insert below the board that neatly organizes the game’s many pieces. A large deck of cards represents the magic power and items used to climb to the top of the volcano, and a smaller deck unleashes the fury of the Angry Volcano God once each round. Traps tokens are provided as cardboard chits, and glass baubles represent magical power. A spinner and cardboard mat representing each player’s equipped items rounds out the equipment, plus cardboard standees for each member of the tribe you’ll move around the board.

How It Plays

Like most games that involve a race from Point A to Point B, Tikie Mountain is straightforward enough, but the number of setbacks you encounter on your way up the mountain keeps things interesting. Unlike a traditional game (Candy Land as an example) where you’re pitted against rough spots on the board or bad cards, the pain you feel here is always inflicted on you by other players.

By the end of a game with a large group, expect to see a board littered with traps and obstacles. If you can gather the right combination of items, special cards, and magic to make your way to the top of the volcano, you’ll still need enough luck (and a sacrifice) to appease the Angry Volcano God.

Matt Says:

The more players the better. A great party game that works for young (reading age) kids or as an ice breaker for older gamers who’ll appreciate heaping abuse on each other in the name of fun.

Griff Says:

I like it because there are always twists and turns an opponent can throw at you. I also like how the Angry Volcano God deck constantly creates problems for all players.

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