Think Again!

Think Again!

Think Again is trivia with a twist for up to 10 players that will test both your memory and your reaction time.

Title Publisher Genre
Think Again! Iello / Le Scoprion Masque Card / Party Game

In The Box

Party games are best when they keep things simple, and Think Again! certainly passes this test with flying colors. A small, square box about 3-4″ and only an inch or two deep, the game will drop into a purse or big pocket and go anywhere. The box also has a pretty unique design that folds out and seals magnetically rather than breaking into two pieces. Inside you’ll find 50 question cards plus instructions for playing. Setting up and playing is as simple as shuffling the cards.

Any trivia game is limited in the sense that you eventually run out of questions. Since each card contains six options, there are 300 questions in total. This will at least keep one large group occupied for quite a while, or will fuel more than a few nights of play for the typical gaming group. The other aspect of Think Again! that will keep it relevant even after you’ve answered all the questions is the fact that you never actually know if you’ll be expected to give the right answer or a wrong one!    

How It Plays

The twist here is the fact that the back of each Think Again! card shows one of six instructions, three that prompt a right answer and three that prompt a wrong answer. Each person in the circle of players cycles through five cards, picking one question from each card. The cards are small enough that the entire deck can be held in one hand and hidden from other players. Immediately after a question has been asked, the back of the top card on the draw deck is displayed. The physical gesture to do this takes some getting used to, and you’ll occasionally struggle to pick out who was first to shout the answer, but this is probably par for the course with any party game.

The variety of questions keep things interesting enough, but the fact that a question as simple as “Name a color found in the United States flag,” has a 50% chance to be turned on its head is what makes the replay value here so high. You’ll find answers under each question, and there are some questions that aren’t even meant to be answered, such as “Which country of Europe is south of Canada.” When these questions are asked you just shout “Think again!” and move on… The fact that the right/wrong choices are mixed up into symbols, images, and words adds yet another layer of confusion. All this combined makes Think Again! a trivia game that you aren’t likely to retire, and that will keep large groups occupied for short or long gaming sessions.    

Matt Says:

The amount of reading required justifies the 10+ rating on Think Again! but this is otherwise a great game for families with older kids. Any gaming group can enjoy this as a light snack, or bring it as an ice-breaker to a large gathering. Combined with some alcohol, Think Again! would be even sillier.

Griff Says:

At first it seems kind of absurd, and as you get into it, it really is absurd! If you’re looking for a game that’s quick to play and easy to set up, this is the one. Having to decide whether to give the right or wrong answer twists up your brain!

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