Summoner Wars Master Set

Summoner Wars Master Set

Each play session of Summoner Wars pits two races against each other, vying for complete domination through strategic card placement.

Title Publisher Genre
Summoner Wars Master Set Plaid Hat Games Card Game

In The Box

Almost everything about the packing of the game is fantastic. The box itself is oversized and looks more like a treasure chest than just a place to store your game. Six card decks, cardboard wound markers, and dice round out the contents of the box, and let’s not forget the durable game board that replaces the paper boards shipped with earlier editions. You’ll find plastic zip bags included for storing individual decks and the other components once you unwrap them, which isn’t as sexy as the plastic divider system previously included in the Master Set. The box now includes a cardboard divider that looks like two big trays, still plenty to hold all other decks and material released in earlier editions of Summoner Wars. It’s clear this box is intended to hold your entire collection of the game up to this point.

How It Plays

A typical two-player game, which this set is designed to facilitate, starts with a specific layout for each race that you’ll find mapped out on a special card included in that faction’s deck. From that point forward, players draw cards each turn and attempt to use magic to summon additional units to the battlefield while moving strategically to eliminate enemy units. Each time you destroy an enemy unit, that card can be saved or spent as a magic point for summoning friendly units. You can also discard from your hand to build magic. This idea of gathering resources and deploying troops isn’t entirely new, but its adaptation to a card game is brilliant.

Playing Summoner Wars for the first time felt a bit like playing Quarriors in the sense that the style of play was familiar but the context was totally changed. Each deck can be played intact with different but equally strong performance or you can combine decks to create your own super-race. Summoner Wars Master Set is probably the best possible way to be introduced to the series even though it technically expands on the base game.

Matt Says:

A game with incredible strategic depth that somehow manages to be easily accessible; you can teach the basic mechanics to even a young player in just a few rounds. A great jumping-off point for exploring the back-catalogue of this franchise.

Griff Says:

A huge upgrade with six new races, and no one race is super better than any other one. The board is also an amazing improvement, but you’ll need another board to play with 3-4 players.

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