Off Your Rocker

Off Your Rocker

Win points for acting crazy in this hilarious party game where players conspire to act out in ridiculous ways, while a psychologist tries to judge their collective condition.

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Off Your Rocker Stratus Games Party Game

In The Box

Keeping it simple, Off Your Rocker proves that all you need to have a good time is a box of cards, a timer, and some way to keep score. The centerpiece of the game is its 200 cards, printed front and back with inspiration for the game’s quirky antics. These cards are appropriately enough called Quirk Cards and you’re not likely to run out of them soon. Packed in with the cards are a set of 40 round cardboard markers that look like coasters. You’ll collect these if you’re successful and use them to track points; they’re all worth one point, and are colorfully printed with terms synonymous with “crazy,” in keeping with the game’s theme. The only other item in the box, aside from instructions, is a simple hourglass sand-timer that comes into play to keep things moving along at a nice pace. Molded inserts for all these pieces mean that Off Your Rocker will survive to play at more than a few parties.

How It Plays

The premise for Off Your Rocker is that all players but one share a secret. The Quirk Cards describe a condition or situation, such as “Players think they are being held hostage,” that the group will read and may discuss while one player leaves the room. The person who goes away comes back in the role of the group’s psychiatrist and has the chance to go around the table asking questions to flush out behaviors or key words that betray the quirk. A point is awarded if the psychiatrist guesses correctly, and the players then vote on who they feel gave the best performance. The best actor takes on the role of the psychiatrist, and play continues until one player racks up six points. The ability to earn points both by deduction and acting makes Off Your Rocker more accessible, and the various conditions described on the cards can accommodate almost any level of acting talent. Play with up to 12 people is supported and we’d definitely recommend you tackle Off Your Rocker in a big group. It’s hilarious with any size group, but the psychiatrist stands a better chance of teasing out the quirks when questioning more people. If your game group is open to funny business and role playing, this will provide an almost endless supply of laughs.

Matt Says:

Smaller groups are more likely to need the timer, but most quirks can be flushed out after 3-4 questions. Unlike the 1:1 aspect of games like charades or Pictionary, Off Your Rocker uses the entire group to give away hints. We’re making it sound easier than it is to guess, though, because many of the cards are seriously twisted. Play with an open mind and lots of laughter and you’ll be really entertained.

Griff Says:

This is what defines a party game, where it’s “more the merrier” as you add more players. Not very many games are so open ended, and some of the quirk cards are really strange. Guessing can be hard but you do learn along the way how to ask questions that bring out clues.

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