Regular Show Fluxx

Regular Show Fluxx

The strangest, most sarcastic animals ever are honored with their own edition of the fast and furious rule-switching game Fluxx.

Title Publisher Genre
Regular Show Fluxx Looney Labs Card Game

In The Box

You’ll find 100 cards here, and most of them positively ooze Regular Show charm. The winning Cartoon Network series found a great partner in Fluxx, based on the card designs and the rules text feeling so perfectly matched with the show’s creative direction. In some cases (Monopoly being the perfect example) themed games feel as if they’re stretching to incorporate the source material, and even worse are the games that don’t have any real thematic connection to their supposed source of inspiration. Not that other games based on Regular Show couldn’t work, but the zaniness that defines Fluxx feels like exactly the kind of place you’d find Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of the gang.

We also got to check out a set of seven promo cards, one of what we hope are many more to come. Lucky fans at this year’s Comic Con, where the game was officially launched, had a chance to get their hands on the “No Rules Guy” promo. The promo we tried (“7 New Cards From the Future!“) included a Time Machine and of course Future Mordecai and Rigby, who we’re told also count as Mordecai or Rigby. The basic set includes Keeper cards with all the major characters and some items we know are precious like Videogames, Baby Ducks, and the Eggscellent Hat. Goals like Slacker Food are naturally tied to Pizza and Soda Keeper cards, while others like Mordecai’s Crush recall specific episodes like “It’s Time” by challenging you to get Mordecai and Margaret together.

How It Plays

If you haven’t yet enjoyed a game of Fluxx you’re in for a treat. The fact that fans of Regular Show will really connect to the game means the planning and design of this edition is on target, but let’s talk a bit about how Fluxx actually plays. Unlike games that assault you with a list of complex rules, Fluxx begins with only two rules: Draw one, play one. The beautiful thing about each game of Fluxx is how the rules constantly change in a way that’s clear to all the players. It’s a unique experience and a very addictive one! Along with the common New Rules cards that can change how many cards you draw or play, you’ll find others that draw from the Regular Show.

Along with Keeper cards you collect to match goals, there are Creeper cards that can prevent you from winning. Action cards regularly disrupt the game by forcing players to switch hands, discard Keepers, or steal cards. Some Keepers also have powerful rules text, like The Power, which gives its owner the ability to randomly take one card from an opponent each turn. Other similar cards that tie back to Regular Show episodes make this an awesome place for fans to jump in and discover Fluxx, but it also provides fresh new content for longtime players of this game. If you didn’t make it to Comic Con, Regular Show Fluxx is available in game shops on July 25.

Matt Says:

Aside from reading requirements, Regular Show Fluxx is a great game for younger players. Even though the rules are constantly changing (by design) things rarely get confusing thanks to clear instructions printed on every card.

Griff Says:

It’s especially cool to play if you’ve watched Regular Show, but you can still understand the game without knowing the characters. The Creepers are a nice touch because it’s that much more satisfying when you win against the odds.

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