Red Dragon Inn Allies - Witchdoctor Natyli

Red Dragon Inn Allies – Witchdoctor Natyli

Spice up your game of Red Dragon Inn with Witchdoctor Natyli, an expansion playable with any of the previous RDI games. Get out your dolls!

Title Publisher Genre
RDI Allies: Witchdoctor Natyli Slugfest Games Card Game

In The Box

If you own any of the base sets for Red Dragon Inn, you know that they include a certain number of drink cards and gold, befitting the game’s theme of gambling and drinking through the night after a long day spent in the dungeon. Each expansion deck includes its own gold, but if you’ve purchased more than one base set and plan on subbing out one of your existing players, you’ll likely have enough extra gold and character mats. This expansion is great if you have a fifth player looking to join in the game, and comes with a small character mat, health and alcohol counters, a full character deck, extra gold markers, and Natyli’s special Debuff Tokens.

How It Plays

For detail on how the base game plays, see our reviews of Red Dragon Inn 3 and RDI 4. The core sets each include four playable characters, so each additional expansion deck provides space around the table for one more. There’s literally no end to how big a game can get assuming your opponents bring their decks to the party. Even duplication is perfectly fine, so combining two copies of RDI 3 would still be a great time for up to eight players. This particular deck was part of the Kickstarter campaign for Red Dragon Inn 4. Witchdoctor Natyli is a troll shaman fond of using magical dolls to create problems for other players, so the voodoo doll theme is present in the flavor text for most of her cards.

What makes Witchdoctor Natyli special is her ability to use magic to generally make the game harder for other players. There are three unique spells, represented by two pairs of tokens, that Natyli can cast during the game. The Power Jinx drops whatever action another player takes by one value, the Mind Hex ups the alcohol content of another player, and the Pain Curse causes greater loss of health. Once the impact of a token resolves, Natyli collects it to recycle and reuse later in the game. These spells make it easy to put the hurt on another player, but Natyli doesn’t have any special defensive abilities. She’s great for anybody looking to make life more difficult for opponents, perfect for little brothers and sisters around the family gaming table!

Matt Says:

The spell tokens are nicely designed, but like any game where luck plays a role, you won’t always get to use them as much as you’d like. Natyli is a great complement to any base set, and a nice deck for younger players who may have difficulty navigating the whys and wherefores of other characters’ special abilities.

Griff Says:

I think she adds a lot to the game, and she reminds me of Troll Alchemist Phrenk, one of my favorites from Red Dragon Inn 3. Both of them use magic, but Natyli always decreases another player’s stats with her abilities.

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