Red Dragon Inn 3

Red Dragon Inn 3

Although the title might suggest you’ve missed games one and two, this is a fine place to jump into the universe of The Red Dragon Inn. Slugfest brings you behind the scenes of dungeoneering with a party of adventurers who have nothing to fear but strong drink, loaded cards, and each other. Fast-moving fun for up to four players.

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The Red Dragon Inn 3 Slugfest Games Board Game

In The Box

Each of the four players uses a custom card deck, plus a slightly smaller deck associated with a character’s special abilities. The downside of this is that you don’t get the unique flavor of every character in smaller games. There are four sturdy player mats to guide card placement and discards, plus glass markers representing health and alcohol content. Completing the game are a pile of cardboard chits representing gold you’ll win and lose during a match, plus a deck specific to the drinking portion of gameplay. All the components are packed smartly, are extremely durable, and the instructions are of noticeably high quality.

How It Plays

If all this talk of drinking has you sweating and pulling at your collar, know that The Red Dragon Inn 3 has some adult themes. If you’re worried about discussing drinking (irresponsible or otherwise) with your kids, this isn’t the game for you. That said, if you can appreciate the bawdy humor of the game it does make for a great and accessible family game. Each player on his or her turn throws down cards that affect how healthy and inebriated their fellow adventurers are at the end of a round. Once your health and alcohol level meet, you’re unconscious and out of the game. Running out of gold will also put you out, and the last player standing wins the whole match. The occasional round of gambling keeps things interesting, but can whittle down your precious gold reserves. The unique pros and cons of each character are what really make the game lasting fun, and allows for expanding the fun for up to 12 players.

Matt Says:

The flow of the game is easy to learn, but having a special character deck adds a lot to the game. Playable with two, but most fun in a large group.

Griff Says:

My favorite character is probably Serena the Pious, because she requires lots of strategy and planning with her piety going up and down.

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