Why roll a handful of dice when you can roll 10 handfuls of dice? Quarriors merges Yachtzee and Pokemon with a storyline that challenges each player to collect and battle powerful creatures in the form of colorful custom dice.

Title Publisher Design Genre
Quarriors WizKids Games Mike Elliot Eric Lang Dice Game

In The Box

Rarely will you feel like your gaming dollar is better spent than when cracking the seal on a Quarriors game tin. Packaged in a metal box shaped like a huge die, you’ll find 130 dice and a fat deck of cards showing the attributes of the game’s creatures and magic spells. Each player (up to four) gets a cloth bag for mixing dice, plus a wooden counter for the scoreboard used to track progress during play.

How It Plays

Calling Quarriors a dice-building game is a good way to understand how it plays, as long as you’ve had some experience with deck-building card games. The idea here is that players start with a common set of generic dice, then roll those dice to accumulate points that can be redeemed for better dice. In this way you gradually build up a set of strong creatures and spells used to battle opponents and score glory. The first player to earn a certain amount of glory is declared the winner.

The cards represent unique creatures and spells, so the process of shuffling and dealing them out ensures that each play session is unique. Even though the colorful dice will appeal to young players, Quarriors is best for players who can do some light number crunching in their heads and understand the strategic implication of capturing and purging certain dice.

Matt Says:

It takes a few rounds to understand the unique gameplay, but Quarriors is one of the most replayed games in our house thanks to its endless variety and the fun of rolling all those dice.

Griff Says:

The more people the better because then there’s more creatures in play and a little bit more strategy involved.

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