Quarriors: Rise of the Demons

Quarriors: Rise of the Demons

The first expansion to Quarriors introduces a cast of new creatures, new spells, and a gameplay element that can turn your dice bag into a corrupted arsenal or undermine your quest for glory.

Title Publisher Design Genre
Rise of the Demons WizKids Games Elliot & Lang Dice Game
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In The Box

Since Rise of the Demons has to be combined with the base set, it’s rather light on packaging. There are 20 dice and 19 cards, but only one new set of creature dice and one new spell card with dice. Remember Quiddity? Now you’ll also have a batch of Corrupted Quiddity plus a basic resource card. The additional 10 cards are variations on creatures from the first game, this time in corrupted form. A new set of instructions give you the lay of the land along with several ways to introduce the new corruption element.

How It Plays

The hardest thing about getting up and running with this expansion is deciding just how to introduce the corrupted creatures. You can shuffle them into the previous game’s deck, but they won’t come up that often and you won’t get much of a feel for the new game mechanic. If you find you really like playing with Corrupted Quiddity, it’s best to deal a few creatures from the expansion into the game before adding creatures from the original deck. Aside from the new creature and spell that both take full advantage of corruption, you can now lose glory during the course of the game. Each Corrupted Quiddity die has two faces with zero points, and can’t be bought as much as summoned. Deciding whether you want to use corruption or avoid it makes for some interesting new gameplay options.

Matt Says:

It’s nice that Rise of the Demons added a completely new twist on the basic game, rather than just throwing in more creatures. Great addition to a great game.

Griff Says:

It changes the gameplay a lot as the Corrupted Quiddity can take over your deck and make it hard to capture creatures.

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