Quarriors: Quarmageddon

Quarriors: Quarmageddon

If the first Quarriors expansion felt a bit lean, this sure makes up for it. Adding six creatures and two spells to the mix plus a big box that can store all your dice and components, Quarmageddon is a whopper.

Title Publisher Design Genre
Quarmageddon WizKids Games Elliot & Lang Dice Game
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In The Box

We were wondering where we were going to store all these new dice… Turns out that the Quarmageddon packaging takes into account that you already own a base set and maybe an expansion. There is storage here for all your stuff, plus an insert that offers even more storage for dice. There are all kinds of spiffy new features outlined in a new detailed rulebook, that includes a set of printable play mats. The new dice are interesting and well designed, including a set of clear ones representing the Heavenly Seraph. A total of 40 new dice come packed into this set, great for variety if by some chance you’ve grown tired of the old cast of creatures.

How It Plays

Where the second expansion introduced a new gameplay element and went light on new dice, this is where we get the dice tsunami. There are a few twists now in the form of tougher creatures, special abilities that allow you to shrug off damage in battle, and a rule about Spent dice. The last seems a bit confusing at first, but it just has to do with when dice can be rerolled. You’re now only able to put dice back into your bag once they’ve made it fully through one round. Any dice that were played during a round stay in the Spent section until you’re done, at which point they’re considered Used. This new rule helps to keep things balanced when players use abilities that let them burn through dice, avoiding a situation where you can spend a Portal and end up immediately using it again.

Matt Says:

Short of adding campaign or story elements, this new load of creatures and spells is exactly what fans of the original game would want.

Griff Says:

I really love that it gives you a new box to hold all your dice, and some of the new creatures are awesome.

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