Poo: The Card Game

Poo: The Card Game

If sophomoric bathroom humor is your thing, this card game about primates covering each other with excrement will have you and up to eight other players rolling on the floor. Unless you’re at the zoo, where the floor apparently gets quite icky.

Title Publisher Genre
Poo: The Card Game Wildfire Card Game

In The Box

Simple packaging and colorful cards mark Poo as a game you’ll be able to quickly set up and play with a small or large group. One big deck is shuffled together and forms a draw pile, so there’s no special preparation require to slow you down, other than bringing your own poo counters to the table. Pennies or other knickknacks work just fine. Notice how the word ‘pile’ somehow feels dirty in the context of reviewing a game about poop? It should be noted that if you’re a parent concerned about graphic images, there are none here. Only the faces on these monkeys and the card text betray the pernicious pooping proclivities of these monkeys and apes. It’s extremely easy to downplay the gross-out factor, but where’s the fun in that?

How It Plays

Up to eight players take turns flinging poo by strategically playing cards, until only one primate remains standing–and at least a bit cleaner than the others. The fast-moving nature of the game keeps decisions simple on each turn. Each player can use his turn to play one Poo Card or discard and draw, but there are also special cards that can be played to raise the messiness factor considerably on another player’s turn. This creates some great social interaction and makes Poo: The Card Game excellent for parties. Certain Poo Cards target more than one opponent, reinforcing the idea that while you can play with as few as two, there’s another dimension to the game that comes out with 3-5+ players. Much of the strategy comes from deciding when to discard and use cards that clean you up, versus going on the attack.

Matt Says:

The card design and theme is hilarious, with a relatively simple game mechanic that’s perfect for times when you aren’t ready to commit to a lengthy gaming session.

Griff Says:

I really like the idea and think that it’s funny, but also rather gross. Some of the cards have special effects that can be confusing for younger kids.

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