Partee Cards: House Partee Edition - Preview

Partee Cards: House Partee Edition – Preview

Throw the most epic party in this social card game where other players around the table try their best to kill your buzz.

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Partee Cards: House Partee Edition Partee Cards Card Game

In The Box

You know you’re in for something unique when the game box lists its contents as “69LOL cards + Instructions.” Yes, this is a rowdy collection of irreverent and uncouth cards. If you’re not too delicate, you can enjoy yourself with up to three other friends. You’ll need to be comfortable reading flavor text full of F-bombs and card titles like “Weed Den” and “Projectile Vomit,” if you’re going to hang with this “partee” theme. The pre-Kickstarter / draft designs we played with were colorful and nicely illustrated, and the instructions were printed on a card and clearly explained the game’s rules.

How It Plays

Partee Cards is a tribute to wild high school and college parties, the kind of behavior that gets cops called. In fact there’s a card (“Call The Cops!”) and its antidote (“Bribe The Cops”) for exactly this scenario. The winning conditions of Partee Cards sound simple enough: Host the ultimate party by playing 5 unique Partee Cards before one of your opponents around the table. There are VIP Partee cards that protect you against bad actors, and Sabotage cards you’ll play to ruin other parties your friends are organizing. At various points there are events that hit all players around the table.

Don’t confuse the simplicity of Partee Cards with lack of entertainment. Its crass theme is matched by solid gameplay, and it takes almost no time to teach when striking up a round with new players. Quick moving, fast rounds are the perfect filler between longer gaming sessions, or good ways to fill time before your real-life party gets started. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter launch for this one, and don’t miss out on the PARTEE!

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