Nuns on the Run

Nuns on the Run

Sneaking sisters make for great fun in this game aimed at groups as large as eight players. Keeping out of sight and quiet will secure a win, but avoiding detection is hard in an abbey patrolled by suspicious guards.

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Nuns on the Run Mayfair Games Board Game

In The Box

Everything inside the box screams quality, starting with a heavy folding game board that shows the layout of the abbey you’ll be exploring. Cardboard markers are included for each novice, plus markers and plastic stands for the abbess and prioress who serve as guards. Simple but rich illustrations are the rule here, from the game board to the cards showing how characters move and what their objectives are during the game. The only item you’ll need to complete the game is a pencil or pen to keep score on the included pad of paper. It’s always nice to see family games designed to hold up to heavy play, especially knowing that Nuns on the Run will be a huge hit with the kids (and adults) in your household or gaming group.

How It Plays

Nuns on the Run has a unique concept, so expect to give novice players (pun intended) a bit more time to come up to speed. The rulebook does an excellent job outlining almost everything, and after just a few rounds the flow of play becomes obvious. The contrast between the novices sneaking through the abbey and the guards patrolling is what makes each round feel fun and special. Novices log notes about their movement secretly, until seen or heard by a guard. The abbess and prioress acting as guards walk a preset route, which seems tedious at first glance. The strategy of playing a guard emerges once a novice is discovered, at which point the abbess or prioress can move freely in pursuit.

As the players around your table come up to speed on the mechanics of Nuns on the Run, gameplay becomes fast and fun. With a fixed number of 15 rounds, it’s not unusual for games to time out in favor of the guards, so players have to constantly find the right balance between stealth and speed. The possible variations between novice goals, guard routes, and the dice rolls to determine the level of noise made during movement create a game that is never predictable. Nuns on the Run captures the spirit of a treasure hunt, combined with the excitement of seeking out great hiding spots while being pursued in the dark of night.

Matt Says:

Both roles are fun, and while the themed gameplay takes a moment to grasp, it’s what makes Nuns on the Run truly unique. The game requires limited reading, but keeping track of movement and strategy is best suited for kids age 10 or older.

Griff Says:

It’s definitely more fun with more people. How sneaky you have to be depends on whether the path to your secret wish ends up overlapping with the path the guards are taking.

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