Munchkin is a dungeon delving game with enough expansions to fill up a dungeon. Playing against up to six players, you’ll try to survive the dungeon’s curses, its monsters, and your friends. By the end, you won’t be sure which is more dangerous.

Title Publisher Genre
Munchkin Steve Jackson Games Card Game

In The Box

The basic game includes just two decks of cards, a custom die for settling certain encounters, and instructions. It’s minimal but highly functional. The deluxe version comes with a counter and some figures, all of which end up being more fun once you learn the basic mechanics. The cards are colorful, a bit rude at times, and especially designed to tweak the funny bones of avid RPG gamers. It helps to have some counters for keeping track of each character’s level, and there is plenty of room in the box for these types of counters and extra cards.

How It Plays

There’s a bit of roleplaying you’ll want to do to get the most enjoyment out of Munchkin. The gameplay lends itself to this, as you are instructed to draw a card representing a door that you kick down. Many of these Door Cards are monsters you need to battle using a combination of items and levels you earned by beating other monsters. Beating monsters also earns you treasure, consisting of new items to strengthen your character or to use as trade. When you aren’t trading items with other players, you’re probably scheming to defeat them by throwing curses or wandering monsters in their way. The items and creatures stack up and result in a lot of fun around the table, especially with larger groups.

Matt Says:

Munchkin is playable with 2-3 people, but you can make a night of it with 5-6, and you’ll also discover the real charm in a larger group.

Griff Says:

I like how you can add to the challenge of the monsters your opponent has to face.

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