Mine, All Mine - Preview

Mine, All Mine – Preview

A highly portable and lightning-fast game of space exploration for 2-4 players that won’t break your wallet.

Title Publisher Genre
Mine All Mine All Fun and Games Card Game

In The Box

The beauty of most card and dice games has always been the idea that you can tote them around in a pocket or purse and quickly make a game anywhere. Nowadays we’ve seen publishers take both card and dice games to an extreme with titles like Dominion or Quarriors, to name a couple that most definitely won’t fit in your pocket. The team at All Fun and Games is heading in the opposite direction with Mine, All Mine in search of the smallest amount of components and packaging that still makes for good fun. They’ve succeeded grandly in condensing exploration and adventure into a format that will literally fit in a shirt pocket.

The entirety of the game–barring any special add-ons that may come by way of a larger-than-expected funding campaign–consists of just 15 core cards, plus paperclip markers and a few ancillary cards for scoring and instructions. Among those 15 are three cards devoted to planetary bodies you’ll explore, plus a dozen cards representing ships and special abilities. Printing on the front and back of all the cards helps keep Mine, All Mine tiny; the illustrations in our prototype were colorful, if not hugely original from a design standpoint. The clips are exactly what you’d get at your local office supply store, plastic triangles that are color-matched to allow up to four players to track progress from round to round. Considering the game’s low price of $7 it’s a safe bet that the goal is to keep components durable but not deluxe.

How It Plays

Usually when we talk about exploration we think of classic strategy titles, and exploring space tends to be the most epic adventure of all thanks to the massive scale of galaxies, solar systems, planets and moons. Mine, All Mine boils all the excitement down to a few well-placed cards and introduces just enough chance to keep gameplay varied. Each game begins with selecting a number of planets appropriate for the number of players involved. These planets represent your fleet’s ultimate destination and per the game’s title you’ll fight to be first to claim each planet’s valuable resources. Players are initially dealt three ship cards, from which they’ll choose a group to deploy.

Ship cards are rated according to speed, attack, and cargo. Each rating stacks as you add ships to your fleet, which is how you’ll be judged at critical points during the round. Speed matters because it helps you get quickly to the surface of a planet, but won’t matter much if you can’t defend yourself against opponents. Cargo ratings are actually incredibly important because they dictate how much of the planetary spoils you’ll be able to haul away each round. Once you’ve succeeded in grabbing enough cargo you’ll be crowned the winner, which should only take about 10-15 minutes.

Some of the cards add abilities that prevent Mine, All Mine from feeling too much like a gussied up game of War, but balance and strategy isn’t the focus here. Mostly you’ll hope for a lucky draw and use common sense to combine cards that boost your fleet’s stats, with a few strategic decisions like holding back cards that may be better used later. At the end of the day Mine, All Mine is a decent way to fill idle time and even includes a table-free options for moments when you’re standing around and want to work in a quick game. It may take a few sessions to completely grasp the mechanics, but once you do it plays quickly as advertised.

Mine, All Mine is funding now on Kickstarter from All Fun and Games. Read more details here about the campaign, including how-to-play videos from the game’s creators.