Holiday Fluxx

Holiday Fluxx

Fresh off the press for Holiday 2014, this special edition of the classic Fluxx goes great with eggnog and sugar cookies.

Title Publisher Genre
Holiday Fluxx Looney Labs Card Game

In The Box

The gift of Fluxx just keeps on giving. Holidays are a time when family and friends gather, creating the perfect opportunity to introduce new board or card games. The Fluxx formula works great with a holiday theme, and Looney Labs did a nice job of translating the basic deck to this end. One special element befitting the holiday theme is the Surprise Card. This works as a card you can play at any time or that can be used in your turn to steal cards or force other players to discard theirs. Only a handful of these cards are included, but they do a nice job freshening up the traditional formula.

As with other decks in the Fluxx series you’ll find a good mix of Goal, Keeper, New Rule, and Action cards. You won’t see any of the Creeper cards that were briefly introduced to Fluxx, in keeping with Looney Labs’ decision to discontinue that particular aspect of the game. Rest assured that Holiday Fluxx is designed to appeal broadly across the major Western holiday traditions, so you’ll find Santa Claus and Pine Tree cards sharing space with Menorah and Dreidel Keepers. Other Keepers like Bubbly Beverages and The Gift keep it non-denominational, making Holiday Fluxx well suited to just about any holiday gathering.

How It Plays

The key to understanding Fluxx is always the Basic Rules card, which defines how things work until the rules are inevitably changed. Players begin with a hand of three cards and are instructed to draw and play exactly one card. Even the very first player may drop a New Rule card that changes things, such as Draw 4 or Play All. At the point where a New Rule card hits the table, the person who played the card and all others must get in line. Keepers go on display in front of you and at the point where your keepers match a Goal card played to the table, you win.

All the things we love about Fluxx are present in Holiday Fluxx. We didn’t miss the Creeper cards, and the Surprise cards make a nice addition to the basic formula, adding some unique twists and turns. The flow of the game is just as fast and fun as you would expect from playing any version of Fluxx in the past, making it a perfect filler game or something you can play on repeat when you’re looking for light entertainment. The new theme is timely and great for Fall family get-togethers, whether you’re munching pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, opening presents on Christmas Day, or lighting Hanukkah candles.

Matt Says:

Your mileage may vary on the right age range for Holiday Fluxx, but we found that our littlest ones had some trouble with hand management once a New Rule like Draw 5 came into effect. The recommended age of 8+ feels about right, or at least a patient child with good reading skills.

Griff Says:

This game lives up to its name, embracing the basic aspects of Fluxx and the many holidays we celebrate. Playing without Creepers was nice and the art style had a real holiday feel. Another great variation on the original game!

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