Hey, That's My Fish

Hey, That’s My Fish

Some games are obviously strategic, while others are more subtle. Hey, That’s My Fish works equally well as a fun contest between hungry penguins or a cunning and devious process of elimination.

Title Publisher Design Genre
Hey That's My Fish Fantsy Flight Games Justin De Witt Board Game

In The Box

Each time you play you’ll form the board from 60 hexagonally shaped cardboard tiles. Fair warning, the tiles are pretty small. This makes Hey, That’s My Fish nice and portable but can be hard for larger hands to pull out of place or for smaller hands to keep neat. The sets of painted plastic penguins given to each player are detailed and hilarious, for sure the highlight of the game. The minimal packaging and lightweight nature of the game should tip you off that this is going to be a contest of skill and wit rather than an exercise in who can keep track of the most components.

How It Plays

Ever played the game where you try to connect dots to form more squares than other players? Or what about those trinket they sell in novelty stores where you have to hop golf tees around a peg board to see how many you can eliminate? These games definitely occupy some of the same territory as Hey, That’s My Fish. In this game you place your penguins around the board and then move them strategically to capture the most fish. The tile your penguin is standing on at the beginning of each turn is removed from the board. You keep the fish, remove the tile, and your opponents have one less potential space. The board quickly disintegrates and once all the penguins are out of moves, the player with the most fish wins. It’s like an update to checkers, with a ton of penguin personality.

Matt Says:

It’s an easy game to learn, but one where a forward-thinking player can crush you. Parents with kids can use this to aid in counting skills, since each tile has no more than three fish.

Griff Says:

A game full of strategy that can be different every time you play because every fish will be in a different place. Also, it’s fun to trap people.

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