Girl Genius: The Works

Girl Genius: The Works

A game of strategic card placement for two or more players with the potential for massive chain reactions, plus some wonderful art from Phil Foglio.

Title Publisher Genre
Girl Genius: The Works Cheapass Games Card Game

In The Box

The complete set contains 112 cards, made up of 108 cards you’ll put into play along with four cards that act as placeholders when you lose a turn. Players carve out their hands and draw from the full deck, so it’s an extremely simple and compact game. Since Girl Genius: The Works is currently out of print, Cheapass Games does host a copy of the rules in PDF form in case you don’t get a complete set. It may surprise you to find that most of the cards in the game are unique, which tells you right away that you’re going to be doing something other than taking tricks or building sets of similar cards. Girl Genius: The Works looks and feels a bit like a colorful cross between a game of Solitaire and Dominoes.

How It Plays

Think about a game of Solitaire; you arrange cards in a specific layout and work your way to victory or stalemate. Girl Genius: The Works also relies on your ability to work through a layout of cards, but in a much more dynamic fashion. You’ll start with a grid of cards that you manipulate through the game, flipping and spinning cards, and replacing those you take with others from your hand. Each time a card spins and flips, it may match a neighbor and pop out, causing ripple effects as you read instructions that can help you score, penalize other players, or win the game outright. The first player that accumulates cards adding up to 100 wins, but the magic of Girl Genius: The Works is all in how you get there. Great fun for two people, and more people definitely equates to more fun.

Matt Says:

It’s a crying shame this is currently out of print, and if you find a gently used copy it will be a worthwhile investment. The simple premise still creates a huge number of unique (and fun) combinations.

Griff Says:

Some of the cards are really funny and their abilities are almost always interesting. It does take a fair amount of strategy even though it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, since you have to replace cards without giving your opponent a good move.

(image credit Erik Gibbons)