Get Bit!

Get Bit!

A game with components that feel like toys in their own right, Get Bit! pits you against a group of friends–oh, and a hungry shark that slowly devours the slowest swimmer.

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In The Box

If you’re unboxing this in a house with young kids, expect the first 30-60 minutes to be consumed by them just playing with the components. Six colored robots with detachable parts and articulating limbs, plus a shark with a mouth that makes a chomp-chomp motion? Yeah, you’re not going to be playing the game until your kids get some time in with these. There is also a deck of Get Bit! cards, simply numbered 1-7 and matching the colors of the included robots. Which leaves us a bit torn between calling this a card game or…something else. In fairness, the cards serve as the key game mechanic, but the robots and the shark become the payoff at the end of each round.

How It Plays

Underneath the surface, Get Bit! is actually a game about strategy, memory, and bluffing. You can also play with young children and just stress the fun mayhem of the game. Each round consists of choosing a robot you’ll try to keep intact by not being last in the lineup, where it’s all too easy to get chomped by the shark. Number cards are played face down by each player, then revealed once all players have picked their card. Although it might seem crazy to pick a high number and run the risk of ending up in the back, all you have to do is be one space ahead of the last robot to avoid the shark.

Adding to the thematic aspect of the game, the shark doesn’t just eat a robot at the end of each turn, it gobbles up a limb–or a partial limb if you want a longer game. Cards remain visible on the table from round to round, giving hints as to the likelihood of a certain number being played. You’re generally penalized for tied cards, so the strategy is to play a different number than any other player, while keeping your choice high enough not to end up last in line.

Matt Says:

With a deluxe second edition on the way in 2013 there’s even more reason to seek this one out for quick fun among adults or a go-to game around the family table.

Griff Says:

It can either be a short or long game depending on whether you want to have the shark eat hands and feet or just arms and legs. All-in-all a nice, well-designed game with a cool storyline.

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