This fantasy board-building game for up to six players proves that if you’re being chased by an angry dragon, you only have to be faster than your friends to survive. Go into the dungeon, grab the gold, and avoid the wrath of Drakon!

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Drakon Fantasy Flight Games Board Game 

In The Box

If you can find a used copy of this out-of-print title, expect to find six detailed plastic miniatures representing the playable characters. A larger plastic Dragon is also included. Unlike most board games, you’ll use sturdy cardboard tiles to construct the dungeon, which means the world of Drakon will be different every time you play. Finally, you’ll find cardboard markers for the dragon’s gold and each hero’s special abilities. There’s a detailed rule book plus six sheets that help players interpret special tiles.

How It Plays

This is a great game to play with young kids because there’s no reading required and your options each turn are extremely simple. Players keep a hand of four tiles, and must decide each turn whether to play a tile or move their hero. Slowly the board expands and you accumulate gold, unless your opponents swipe it or you fall prey to Drakon. There are several variations on the basic rule set, but the simplest is that the first player to gather 10 gold is the winner. The others end up stuck in the dungeon and make a tasty snack for the dragon.

Matt Says:

The biggest draw for me is that the game can be harder and more cutthroat for a group of adults, or quick fun for kids.

Griff Says:

Drakon will really never get boring because the board is always changing and you never know what your opponent will do.

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