Stratus Games lets you encounter African wildlife without leaving your living room, in this safari strategy game that’s well suited for family play with younger children. Cover more territory and snap smarter photos than other players to win the day.

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DiceAFARI Stratus Games Board Game

In The Box

As the name might suggest, the five dice included in DiceAFARI are quite a draw. Four of the dice represent unique biomes in Africa, ranging from scrubland to jungle to the savanna we all associate with famous African safaris. In this game you’ll only be taking pictures, so wipe away any mental images of hunting. After all, the animals you’re out looking to photograph in DiceAFARI are thankfully protected.

Cardboard markers for lions, gorillas, elephants, and giraffe represent the images captured during your trip, and you have additional markers to lay out the path you’ll travel through each landscape. The board itself is constructed from tiles placed randomly and determined by a layout you pick from a small deck of map cards. These map cards are designed around shapes that resemble African animals, including several not shown on the photo markers, like turtles, antelope, and camels. We liked that a few blank map cards were included for kids to design their own maps, based on different animals or anything that strikes their fancy.

How It Plays

Think of DiceAFARI as a gateway for young players to get interested in territory control games. It’s a relatively small step from planning your trip across the tiles that form this board to mastering strategies necessary for building an empire in more grown-up games. After creating the board from random tiles in the form of an animal you draw from the map deck, you’ll throw the dice up to three times in search of your best combination. At the point where you start deciding which dice to roll again, DiceAFARI goes from being a game purely about luck to having some strategy.

The goal is always to span enough of the right tiles to be able to snap a shot of a valuable animal. Having more of one animal or a complete set of all the animals can make a big difference in the final scoring round. Kids love the idea of taking animal pictures and get off on the travel tokens decorated with rugged vehicles. Variant rules and the option to play on a completely different board each time keeps DiceAFARI from feeling tedious. It’s probably too light from a strategy perspective for older players and adults, but gamers in the 8-12 range will really enjoy DiceAFARI.

Matt Says:

Another player’s lucky roll can mess up your strategy, so be ready for Plan B and make sure you cover as much territory as possible before the game ends.

Griff Says:

I liked it, but I feel like the first player has a little bit of an advantage. It’s super easy to just whip out and play.

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