Castle Panic

Castle Panic

Castle Panic is a cooperative board game for up to six players that turns cut-throat competitive gaming on its head. It’s not an easy game, but it truly rewards cooperation around the table and is relatively easy to learn. If your kids can read numbers and count to six, they’ll have no trouble learning to play.

Title Publisher Design Genre
Castle Panic Fireside Games Justin De Witt Board Game

In The Box

Unboxing Castle Panic, you’ll immediately notice the  quality components, unusual for  such a small publisher. Fireside games did not skimp on anything here, making this a game that will survive many repeat sessions. The board and game pieces are sturdy cardboard, with plastic stands for the castle walls and towers. A deck of cards and a die complete the game. The instructions are clear and provide visual examples from the game that make it easy to jump in and start playing. Since the playing area is round, the corners of the board are devoted to reference material, helping keep you immersed in the game rather than the printed rules. Everything fits nicely back in the box after playing, and there’s event room for expansion content.

How It Plays

Setting up the table for play involves placing your castle walls and towers around the inner ring of the circular board. If the board looks a bit like an archery target, with your castle at the center, it’s no coincidence. Soon enough every beast that can walk will be marching on your inner sanctum, hoping to tear those walls down. Around the board you’ll shuffle and deal a hand to each player, then roll to place the first six monsters around the edges. Each turn in Castle Panic involves trading cards or discarding to form the best possible hand for that round. Cards in your hand include soldiers, archers, knights, and other defenders, along with some special cards used to kill monsters or rebuild walls. Each turn ends with you drawing two new monsters from a shuffled pile, and the game is won when all monsters are defeated, or when your castle is destroyed.

Matt Says:

Don’t mistake the simplicity of the game with lack of depth. Powerful monsters and special event tokens make Castle Panic different each time you play. It’s a great game.

Griff Says:

It’s an amazingly fun game. At first you think you’re winning, and then some troll gets in your castle ring and kills you. A very well designed game with lots of replay value.

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