Brawl: Catfight

Brawl: Catfight

Ridiculously fast-paced fun that imagines what a card game of War would be like as a real-time fight with card placement, plus a bevy of cute catgirls.

Title Publisher Genre
Brawl: Catfight Cheapass Games Card Game

In The Box

Brawl is a series of standalone decks that become playable by two or more players, each with their own character deck. Brawl: Catfight set is the third expansion of the original game, which dates all the way back to 1999, and consists of three decks. This complete set stars Nickie, Sonia, and Tamiya, each featuring 35 cards. There are some common cards between decks, but the number of each card type included with a deck determines the most suitable play strategy. Each of the girls in the Brawl: Catfight set are good starter decks for new players, with a balance of attack and defense cards, and some surprises like the Reverse, Press, and Clear cards that can quickly change the flow of battle.

How It Plays

Saying the game is thematic doesn’t really do Brawl: Catfight justice. You can play the game as a turn-based practice run, but you’ll quickly want to move to the real-time variation. Playing in real time turns an otherwise fun and strategic experience into complete mayhem–much like a real fight. The object of the game is to end a round of play with more points, judged by the number of base cards you control. Base cards are won by playing more hits than the other fighter, unless of course a canny opponent plays a reverse and turns your strength against you. Hits can be blocked or whole bases cleared away, and blocks can sometimes be nullified with a Press card. At some point you reach the bottom of your deck, all bases in play are frozen, and you count coup. Scoring is often low, but the fun of this manic and strategic card battle is always high.

Matt Says:

Catfight is still my favorite set, but you can get the feel for Brawl by picking up any two decks you can find out there. You won’t find another game that packs this much fun into a span of two minutes.

Griff Says:

Some of the cards make you think for a second and in that time your opponent can play three or four cards, so you have to be ready to react quickly. You have to play a lot to get used to all the card effects.