Drawing a bit from classic games like marbles and tiddlywinks, AttrAction adds a magnetic twist to create a simple game that requires skill, dexterity, and luck. Designed to be played on any hard surface, this one works as well on the playground or in the hall as it will on the family game table.

Title Publisher Genre
AttrAction RnR Games Dexterity Game

In The Box

Hematite. To be more precise, 25 smooth hematite stones that are absolutely awesome to touch and hold and push around your table or floor. The hardest part about owning this game will be preventing it from being scavenged for playtime or science experiments. Although AttrAction is sealed in plastic that you’ll destroy getting out the game, RnR Games included a nice cloth drawstring bag for longer term storage.

Our first impression on opening the package was that the stones would fall out and scatter, but no worries on that front. These little guys are happy to stay bonded together, thanks to their inherent magnetism. Because hematite has high iron content, the set is surprisingly heavy. We’ll restate the warning included on the box and in the games instructions that strong magnets like this are very dangerous if swallowed, so keep AttrAction away from young ones. The prescribed age of 14 seems high, but it’s important that none of these stones fall in reach of a mouthy babe or pet.

How It Plays

Going back to the comparison with marbles, AttrAction is pretty much the exact opposite of that game. Marbles is about colliding and pushing competitors out of the playing area, where AttrAction–as the name suggests–is about pulling as much together as quickly as possible. Setting up the play area requires a good amount of space, simply because the stones are strong magnets and will easily slide together if placed less than about 6-9 inches apart. Once all the stones are set, each player takes turns throwing or sliding one shooter stone with the goal of attracting other stones.

When the shooter stops moving, you can take any one of the clusters formed during that turn. Stones that fall off the table end up going to another player so you have incentive to be precise and use more brains than brawn. The winner is the person with more stones once all the pieces in play are gathered up. The idea of throwing around these magnetic stones is cool enough, but you also realize after a few rounds that things aren’t as simple as they might first appear. Because of subtle magnetic variations from stone to stone, you’ll occasionally see what looks like a perfect throw fail, and shooters will curve strangely around the board as they move through magnetic fields. AttrAction feels much like an interactive toy, which makes it a great complement to games in your collection that involve much more head scratching, and that take hours instead of minutes to play.

Matt Says:

I’ve always loved hematite anyway, so any excuse to mess around with these cool stones is a good start. There’s definitely some skill involved, but unpredictable magnetic qualities keep players from gaining any special advantage.

Griff Says:

I think the best approach is to slide your shooters rather than toss them, because you can hit other stones more dead-on.

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